Phoenix Again – Prog Band

Live at Parkvilla Theatre


Double live album of the gig of Phoenix Again at Parkvilla Theatre in Alphen aan Den Rijn (NL).
Mixed at Phoenix Studio in Brescia (Italy) by Emanuele Bresciani.
A very special thank to the team of Serious Music Alphen.

CD 1

  1. Cianuro Puro
  2. That Day Will Come
  3. The Bridge of Geese
  4. To Be Afraid (including Ansia)
  5. Whisky
  6. Close To You
  7. Lindberg
  8. Valle della Luna
  9. The Endless Battle

CD 2

  1. Adso Da Melk
  2. Silver
  3. Spring
  4. Oigres
  5. The Phoenix Flies Again
  6. Autumn
  7. Agli Amici Scomparsi
  8. Free Ireland
  9. Winter
  10. Look Out


Antonio Lorandi: bass guitar, percussions, vocals
Sergio Lorandi: electric and acoustic guitar, vocals
Marco Lorandi: electric and acoustic guitar, vocals
Andrea Piccinelli: keyboards
Silvano Silva: drums