Phoenix Again – Prog Band

Antonio Lorandi

Antonio LorandiBorn in Castelmella (Brescia, Italy) on January 27h 1959.

The great passion for music involves him from childhood: for first he approaches to classical music thanks to his father, especially Vivaldi, Albinoni and Bach, but soon he develops a very interest in rock music, too: the first single by Jimi Hendrix completely blow his mind away.
From that moment, Antonio has began his musical research into the many waves of the rock music of the 60s and the 70s until he met the progressive music of Genesis, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and many others.

In 1976 he “meets” for the first time the bass guitar and he decide that had to be the instruments he was going to play.
In the same year he and his brother Claudio found Gruppo Studio Alternativo with the collaboration of Diego Bocchio (guitar and keyboards) and Sergio Forloni (drums). In 1977, Diego left the band so a young Sergio Lorandi, brother of Antonio and Claudio, joined the line-up.
In autumn 1981, Gruppo Studio Alternativo dissolve because of the leaving of Sergio Forloni but, a month later, the Lorandi brothers met Silvano Silva (drums) and the founded the very first nucleus of a progressive band: Phoenix.

Antonio left the band in 1986 in order to undertake his career as entrepreneur and stayed away from the stages for many years.
Only in 2003 he decided to have his reconciliation with his bass guitar and, with the help of Claudio, Silvano and the singer Alex Adu Gyamfi, he recorded the unofficial albumThe Beginning of the Game”.
After the death of Claudio in 2007, he re-founded Phoenix with the name of Phoenix Again with his younger brother Sergio and Silvano. In 2010, Phoenix Again released “ThreeFour” and, in 2014, “Look Out”.