Phoenix Again – Prog Band


The foundation of Phoenix Again dates back to 1981, year in which this band from Brescia was born and baptized Phoenix.

The band founders were the three Lorandi brothers, Claudio, Sergio and Antonio, all together with their drummer Silvano Silva. At this time they played live concerts all over their hometown. After five years of playing together, Antonio left the band in 1986.
The sorts of Phoenix changed again in 1991, with the entry of Emilio Rossi’s keyboards, which added to their compositions a more symphonic direction. The collaboration with Emilio Rossi led to the recording ALCHIMIE, the first tape with original compositions of the band. The live activity of the group went along until 1998, year in which the band dissolved.

After the tragic death of the eldest brother Claudio who passed away after a long disease in 2007, the remaining band founders gathered together once more and decided to let the phoenix rise again from its ashes and to record an album which would contain some of the historic compositions of their music career and chose the bands current name Phoenix Again. The resulting commemorative album THREEFOUR was dedicated to Claudio and released in december 2010.
It received enthusiastic reviews by prog-rock magazines all over the world.
In 2011 some young musicians entered the band lines: Marco Lorandi, Giorgio Lorandi (the sons of Antonio) and Andrea Piccinelli. During the live activity Alessandra Lorandi, Sergio’s daughter, plays the flute in the track Free Ireland.

On 28th february 2014 the Phoenix Again released their second studio album LOOK OUT with the new complete formation: Sergio Lorandi (guitars); Antonio Lorandi (bass guitars); Silvano Silva (drums & percussion); Andrea Piccinelli (keyboards & cello); Marco Lorandi (guitars); Giorgio Lorandi (percussion).

Antonio Lorandi (Bass guitar) Sergio Lorandi (Lead guitars) Silvano Silva (Drums)
Marco Lorandi (Rhythm guitars) Andrea Piccinelli (Keyboards) Giorgio Lorandi (Percussions)