Phoenix Again – Prog Band

Marco Lorandi

Marco gtrSon of Antonio, was born in Brescia on October 18th 1991.

Introduced since he was a child to the progressive music by his father, he is a real music “devourer” and loves many musical genre, from folk to death metal.
The first meeting with music into he rooms of his primary school where he began playing the flute.
He’s been playing the guitar since he was 15 and thanks to the help of Sergio, his uncle.

In 2007, he set up Omicron with his brother Giorgio (bass guitar) and his cousin Alfonso Di Vincenzo (guitar). With the drummer Claudio Tomasoni, the band proposed a repertory of covers by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands (Iron Maiden and Judas Priest).
In 2008, with his friends Andrea Taboni (drums), Niccolò Maggini (guitar) and Matteo Maggini (keyboards), he set up Kings of Maybe: with this lineup, he proposed cover by Toto, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and others.

He entered the lineup of Phoenix Again in 2011 as the second guitar during the live events of the band but, after a short time, he joins the group stably.