Phoenix Again – Prog Band

Sergio Lorandi

Was born in Castel Mella (Brescia) on April 9th 1965.

He approaches guitar since he is 6 year-old, by following the advices of older brothers, Claudio and Antonio.
Teacher, composer and arranger, he teaches young musicians how to play the guitar all over Brescia.

His study of the guitar technique follows the footsteps of the most important composers in classical music: Bach, Albeniz, Tarrega, Moreno Torroba, Villa Lobos, Segovia, Castelnuovo Tedesco, Rodrigo et alia. 
Composer himself, he has been creating compositions of different musical genres: for soloist guitar, classical music, new age, jazz, ambient and progressive rock. A lullaby of his has been included into the CD insert to the audiobook of “Bambi” (Walt Disney Company).

In 2005, with Fabio Venturini, he realized the album Alma Latina, produced by Green Movie Group and Universal Music and distributed all over Europe by EDEL. Mediterranean music project, with compostions inspired by Handel, Mozart and Chopin, some tracks of Alma Latina have been played by the TV programme “Alle Falde del Kilimangiaro” (Rai 3, December 5th 2010). 
For the famous soprano Cecilia Gasdia, he composed “Tango e Rose” e “Nessuno mai”, included in “Da Napoli a Buenos Aires A.R.” (produce by Sergio Dall’Ora). 
During the years, he’s been collaborativo with important producers: Alberto Salerno, Mara Majonchi, Sergio Dall’Ora, Fabrizio Baldoni, Pietro Giannetta e Mino Bianchi.

From 1978 to 1980, he’s been playing guitar for Gruppo Studio Alternativo, band he set up with his brothers, Claudio (lead guitar) and Antonio (bass guitar), and with Sergio Forloni (drums). This lineup composed some tracks that constituted the kernel of the future monicker the Lorandis brothers set up with Silvano Silva: Phoenix.
He played with Phoenix from 1981 to 1996, when the band broke up.
After Claudio died in 2007, Sergio, Antonio and Silvano re-united the band with the monicker “Phoenix Again” and they published two studio album: “ThreeFour” and “Look Out”.