Phoenix Again – Prog Band

Silvano Silva

Was born in Flero (Brescia) on July 18th 1959.

He began playing the drums at the age of ten. 

In 1970 his parents opened a venue called “2 Pozzi” in his hometown, Flero, and he began exercising on the drums of the bands the venue invited for playing live.

By exercising from 5 to 7 hours a day, he approached progressive rock music by trying learning to play his favorite albums: “Emerson, Lake & Palmer”, ”Tarkus”, ”Trilogy”, ”In the Court of the Crimson King”, “In the Wake of Poseidon”, ”Lark’s Tongue in Aspic”, ”Nursery Crime”, ”Foxtrot”, ”Selling England by the Pound”, ”Aqualung”, ”Thick as a Brick”, ”Fragile”, “Close to the Edge”, ”Three Friends”, ”Octopus”, ”In a glass house”, ”Pawn hearts”, ”H to he who am the only one”, ”Storia di un minuto”, ”Per un amico”, ”B.M.S.”, ”Darwin”, ”Uomo di pezza”, ”Felona e Sorona” and more.

When he was thirteen, he entered the lineup of Janita Ruffini and lived for the first time the joy of playing live on a stage.

In 1977, he joined Lamberto Zanola, who helped him experiencing live. 
Thanks to Lamberto, he met Claudio Lorandi who invide him joining his band in 1981: it is the founding act of Phoenix. 
The monicker played together until 1998.
The same year, he met Marco Giudici and Alex Finocchio and he set up Genetica: they tried to enter Sanremo’s Festival but the project failed.
In 1999, Lamberto invited him joining the lineup of Newtella so he began an intense live activity.

In 2003, with Antonio and Claudio Lorandi and with the collaboration of Alex Adu Gyamfi, he realized “Beginning of the game”, unofficial release of Phoenix, containing Claudio’s guitar tracks used in “ThreeFour” by Phoenix Again.

In 2008, he collaborated with Fabio Venturini (in artem MOX) in realizing the album “Sopra le Nuvole”. With Fabio, he created compositions for two amusement parks in Italy: Miragica (Bari) and Rainbow Magicland (Rome).
In 2012, he composed with the band Hologram the album “The Mountain is Mine” (music for TV spot for Sector).
In 2007 he reunited, with Sergio and Antonio Lorandi, Phoenix Again, monicker that released two studio albums: “ThreeFour” and “Look Out”.

His soloist career, through years, is ongoing and tireless: ’til today he has composed more than 90 albums but they still haven’t been published.