Phoenix Again – Prog Band


Released in 2010, ThreeFour is an album which was born after the reunion of Phoenix after the death of Claudio Lorandi (2007).This symphonic-prog opera contains tracks that the band composed during the 25 years before the release.
The guitar lines recorded by Claudio during the years that the listener can hear into the album have been recovered by the archives of the Phoenix Studio.

Recorded at the Phoenix Studio.


  1. Agli amici scomparsi
  2. Eppur si muore
  3. Spring
  4. Lindberg
  5. Cianuro puro
  6. I bambini nascono per vivere felici
  7. What can i do?
  8. Autumn
  9. Quiete sulla luna…
  10. Aquarius time
  11. Free Ireland
  12. The phoenix flies again


  • Claudio Lorandi (1954-2007): acoustic and electric guitars
  • Sergio Lorandi: guitars, flute, programming
  • Antonio Lorandi: bass guitar, percussions
  • Silvano Silva: drums, percussions, keyboards

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